what is lead generation

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Most people make the mistake of asking what is lead generation before they answer an even bigger question that is outline in the video above.

Lead generation is more then just putting a few things online and seeing what happen.

I have found that the fasest way to suck at and lead generation is to just go out and do what everyone else is doing.

You see when it comes to online lead generation every market place is different and if you don’t understand that upfront your going to have a hard time pulling in the kind of people you want in your business.

This is the single biggest problem people face when they are online generating leads sure you can pull in a ton of leads who is not interested people.

The problem with uninterested people is if you get them they want stay because you had to convince them so you want to make sure you are head over to webmasterysecrets.com and get the free the bonus that teach you how to get your content infront of the right people.

Blog Post: http://webmasterysecrets.com/?p=62

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