Manual Google Penalty vs. Algorithmic Penalty

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Welcome to today’s SEO update. My name is Harald
Tschuggnall from Today I want to talk about Google penalties. We have the algorithmic penalties, and we have the manual penalties. The effects are are basically same. If you get hit one of these penalties, you are very likely to lose all of your rankings, or a lot of your rankings.

What is the difference? If you’re getting a manual penalty, you getting actually a warning in Search Console. You can go into Search Console and check if you got a manual penalty there. There will be a tab in Search Console telling you if you got a natural penalty. I would strongly suggest if you not having a Search Console account, that you go in and get one. Alone for that fact, it’s really important to have a Search Console account. What you should also do is you should go into your settings in Search Console, and put in your email address, so if something happens there, that you’re getting a email. Otherwise, you’re probably getting a manual penalty, and you don’t even know about it, because maybe you’re checking your Search Console account every year. This will be very important that you know about it.

If you know about it, you can go up to Search Console, log in, and see what kind of penalty it is. Most of the time, it’s a unnatural link warning. That would be that you have unnatural links pointing to yourself. Sometimes, they are warnings that you are linking out. You have a website, you have a blog, and Google thinks that you are selling links or something like that. You need to go in and check if you have a warning, and what kind of warning you have, and then actually you can work on it.

If it comes to a algorithmic penalty, you are not getting any warning from anybody. The only thing you can do is you can go to your analytics account, and try to figure out when you last traffic. The other way to do it is to use tools like Searchmetrics, or Sistrix. You can go to these tools, and use look at SEO visibility. You can also use certain PINs. There are PINs that show the updates. Then you will actually see the the visibility graph, and you will see the updates. Sometimes, if you got hit by a penalty, you will see a significant drop in SEO visibility. What that means is basically that a lot of your keywords lost rankings. If you see that, you also have to do the right thing. It really depends. Was it a Penguin update? Then it will be link-related. Was it a Panda update? Then you would have to work on your content. These are actually the two main updates that you have to focus on. You really have to know what kind of update it is to fix the issues.

You have to clean up for a manual penalty, and you have to clean up for algorithmic penalty. Let’s say you have a Penguin update, and you need to clean up your links. You will also have to clean up your links if you’re getting a manual penalty. Actually, the difference is that if you’re getting a manual penalty, you have to write this reconsideration request. In Search Console, where you see the warning, you have got the opportunity, you can press a button and submit the reconsideration request. In this reconsideration request, you can write that you cleaned up, that you did this and that. You should submit some links samples that they see what you did, and you write them that you disavowed it and you didn’t know what was going on. Somebody else did that, and stuff like that. You really have to write the reconsideration request to get out.

If you’re getting a Penguin penalty, you don’t have to write a reconsideration request. You don’t even have the chance to do that, because you are just able to submit the reconsideration request if you got a penalty in Search Console. Like three, four years ago, you would have been able to file a reconsideration request anytime. If you haven’t been sure if you got a algorithmic penalty, a lot of people file the reconsideration request. These days, there is no possibility to do that. Keep in mind it’s very important for you to figure out what kind of penalty it is. If it’s Penguin, or if it’s other link-related penalty, you need to clean up your link profile. If it’s algorithmic update, most of the time you have to wait until the next algorithm is rolling out. For a Penguin update, you need to wait until Penguin is refreshing is rolling out new. Otherwise, you can’t recover. Even if you did all the work, you are not recovering.

We have the same problem in the moment that we are waiting since one and a half years or more for Penguin now. Websites that got hit by this penalty are still not recovered. It’s actually much easier to recover a manual penalty, because you can send in a reconsideration ..


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