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If Leaders embrace Reputation Management in their Company or Area of Responsibility, positive Culture Change will take place in their work-space while manifesting a strategy that will protect their Brand as much as your Company Brand.

To sustainably protect and drive your Brand Value, Reputation Management must become a Core Value Propositions in your Company and Business decisions should be made keeping such commitment in mind.

Herewith my Book Recommendations:

Reputation Rules by Daniel Diermeier Dean University of Chicago

The Soul of Leadership by Deepak Chopra

Strength Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath

Research on Crisis Management Case Studies:

Exxon Valdez – Oil Spill Disaster

Enron – Scandal

BP – Deepwater Horizon

Germane Wings – Airplane Crash

VW – Emission Scandale

Outline of my Case :

It all began on the 31st Dec. 1991 – Light in the End of the Tunnel

For sure Crisis can and will happen, the question that matters most is “why”, were proper systems in place to prevent Crisis to occur, did it happen due to an accident or did it occur simply because someone cut corners, looked the other way or was it a act criminally.

If Senior Management does show case their commitment protecting the Companies Reputation with their action, it will drive the message to all segments of the Company, enhance Internal Culture Values and Change will happen.

Enjoy your research, truly Uwe

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