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In essence reputation management is the practice of making individuals as well as companies like your look their best on the internet, ideally carrying a 5 Star rating.

To accomplish that, you have to manage your online search results because they can frequently consist of imprecise, deceiving or negative reviews which can adversely affect how your clients see you.

Reputation marketing has become required with the advent of social networks, internet forums, and weblogs as well as other kinds of internet information sharing. But since current legislations fail to prevent complete strangers from damaging your internet track record, online reputation marketing is vital.

Even if you do not have any kind of damning reviews online, this is still for you. I’ll discuss why later on.

Why reputation Is essential.

Around 80 percent of all individuals will look into a company online prior to giving that provider their cash. If a prospective client finds your company and is faced with numerous negative comments, they will swiftly go to your competitor instead.

Social media sites, forums, conversation boards, have become a breeding ground for spreading bad opinions.

You need to manage your online visibility to make sure only the good things about your company show up in search results.

To achieve this you should make every effort to collect positive reviews from satisfied clients!

Providing some sort of a motivation to obtain a review is a great concept. Offer a discount or voucher for those that leave a review. Be creative with it as having regular positives reviews posted about your business can enhance your search rankings.

A great way to make it super simple to collect reviews is if you have a text marketing list, you can ask them for a review via text. This is very appealing to the consumer as they only have 160 characters, thus making it quick and easy to do.

By handling your businesses credibility with routine positive testimonials, you will be much more likely to obtain a higher position in the search engines and hold that position, enhancing the possibility of obtaining brand new clients.

Let’s not forget that even if you are already in a top 5 position but you have negative reviews, then all that money and effort spent to get that position is wasted, as potential clients turn to a competitor with a 5 star rating.


78 % of consumers trust exactly what their peer point out.

Additionally, according to, website traffic to the leading 10 review web sites grew on average 158 % last year. Individuals are checking out review sites prior to parting with their cash, and it doesn’t matter what field you are in!

According to Comscore …

97% of purchases made based upon a review found the review to be accurate! People count on and believe review sites!

92 % have more confidence in info found online than from a salesclerk or various other sources (Wall Street Journal)

61 % of individuals count on individual reviews for item info or analysis prior to making a purchasing choice. (Razorfish).

34 % have actually depended on social networks to air their views about a provider. 26 % to convey discontentment, 23 % to recommend a business or product they like.

75 % of people do not think that companies tell the truth in advertisements (Yankelovich).

Individuals more than ever, are trusting their peers, testimonial web sites, social networks, as opposed to advertisements made by businesses.

The largest perk of collecting positive testimonials is you’ll be ahead of most of your competitors. Since they have no idea of how important it is like you do now.

Imagine you had a toothache, if you were looking for a dental professional and you saw one with 45 good testimonials and another one with 1 or 2 reviews, who would you pick?

I hope you said the one with 45 positive testimonials. Can you see how this can have a good impact on your profit?

False Assumptions.

Let’s look at some beliefs concerning reputation management

“I don’t have any bad testimonials so I am fine, I do not require it.”

Wrong, you want to make it the easiest decision possible for a customer to buy from you, so grow those 10 good testimonials in to 50+.

“Much of my business arises from word of mouth recommendations, why do I require reputation marketing.”

As we’ve discussed, online reviews hold just about as much weight as word of mouth. Every positive assessment acts as a pal saying, “This provider is fantastic for xyz” … much like a reference.

Your online reputation may effortlessly make or break your London company. This is not something to ignore.


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