Sales lead generation

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Download here

Using this tool, you can:

Find Groups
Pull-up hundreds of related groups instantly
See all group subscribers
Extract Member IDs straight to your computer (ohhh yeah, if you don’t know why this kicks ass, you’ll see why in a second!)

Browse Events
Find individuals who’ve RSVP’d to think about an event in no matter what niche you need.

Just remember, people who are attending an event can be very passionate. These are definitely the leads you want.

Or, again, you can still extract all Member IDs onto your pc in about half a second.

You’d spend + for leads of this quality, which will have a much tough time making a connection with them because you paid for them.

Search Pages
Pull-up all Facebook pages for the keyword(s) you want.
Ability to filtering by the quantity of likes the page has.
This is exactly the best way to target Facebook fan pages that don’t have loads of likes and offer them your like-boosting companies.

Or even, you can just ensure that you only find pages that have more than X likes.

This is exactly a powerful way to find pages beyond what the regular Facebook search provides. You’ve probably realized that they don’t always share all the data.

Search Posts
It is a big one. Search all posts on Facebook to discover those people who are in immediate need of you or what you sell.
One easy search can instantly yield you 100s to thousands of people who have just posted to Facebook saying they need help.

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