Reputation Enforcement – How To Manage Your Online Reputation

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I would like to share with you today some tips about Online Damage Control Management , and the importance of your Online Reputation.

Individuals as well as businesses maintain an online presence, therefore, Online Reputation is very critical. Most people engage in research about the company or person prior to engagement.

For example, if you were to offer legal services or loan modifications, your clients most likely will investigate your Online Reputation thru a Google search, BBB consumer review, news and more.

If this client finds that your reputation is less than sterling, I’m sure this client will be very hesitant to conduct business with you.

And what if you were a politician, a celebrity, or have any online business?

Definitely it is a big NO.

Okay, here are some tips to make your Online Reputation clean and respectable:

1) Make your website presentable with the following details:

a. Attach special importance to the “About Us” page since this is very critical and people read this to know about the company/person.

b. Put in a sitemap, with address and contact information prominently displayed, so that people can ask questions, clarifications and you can explain your business further in case the interested party contacts you.

c. Put a social network window or links so that people can communicate more easily with you or your business through social networking sites.

2) Create a Social Media Connection and respond to this regularly, like answering questions and posting updates about your business. Here are the some of the very useful social media sites that can boost your business online and prevent a bad review from showing on the first page of Google results:

a. Facebook

b. Twitter

c. MySpace

d. Hugemate

e. Google Plus

f. Linkedin

g. Multiply

h. Tumblr

i. Blogspot

j. And others

3) Press Releases, Article Directories and Guest Postings- You need to scatter good articles, reviews and “how to” articles about your business or “about you” and here are some sites where you can post for free and others that are paid services.

a. Yahoo News

b. Hugemate News

c. Ezine

d. Go Articles

e. Squidoo

f. Hubmesh

g. GoBlogger

h. PR Web

i. Or other news sites and well known PR article directories

4) Viral Video- release a good video about business or individual at the
following sites:

a. Youtube

b. Facebook

c. Vimeo

d. Photobucket Video

How Google and other search engines will find your posts and make it very visible on the 1st and 2nd page to cover up bad reputation online?

a. Make sure your social media sites, article posts, news and videos are of high quality and informative. Focus on “how to”, with helpful and actionable content that does not overly advertise your company or product.

b. Add your posts in different social media mediums to boost signals in order to get fast index rate.

c. Link your posts, social network accounts and videos into blog comments.

So that’s it!

Everything that I mentioned are very important highlights to make your reputation as outstanding as possible, and it will help you get more clients, fans or votes.

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