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The truth is, most local business websites are built for the business owner. Is that a bad thing? They are writing the check, they should get a website that pleases them – right? The correct answer is – yes – and no. Sure, the business owner is paying for the website and gives the final say on the overall design. But does the business owner know and understand the Local SEO strategy that will help build their business on the internet? If the answer is “no,” then the local business owner really should find a website designer who specializes in Local Lead Generation Websites.

In our years of helping local business owners we’ve redesigned many business websites that were absolutely beautiful in appearance – and were absolute disasters when it came to building their businesses on the internet. Most ranked so poorly for their main keywords – or didn’t rank at all. Some had so many technical errors that they had been de-indexed by Google. Some were built by big internet marketing companies like DEX, HIBU and Yodle, and all of them were totally worthless when it came to generating new business for the owners. And all of them were more expensive than our Local Lead Generation Website redesign!

For a successful Local Lead Generation Website, you must get back to the basics such as:

Simple Design
No Elaborate Graphics
No Flash Animation
Easy To Navigate
Optimized for LocalKeywords
Proper “Silo” design For Products & Services
All Information Viewable Above The Fold
Correct Name, Address & Phone Number
No Technical Mistakes
Low Cost, High Effectiveness

I need to be blunt here – we don’t build works of art that will “impress” your visitors. If you’re looking for cutting edge, wild colors, funky layouts, “edgy” designs, dramatic images and high cost, I suggest you find another website designed who can make pretty pictures for you. Simply put, we get results, and those results are measured by keyword ranking, visits and calls and contacts to your business.

If you’ve got a business website that isn’t working for a living and you’re ready to start growing your business on the internet, give us a call and we’ll show you how we can help you increase sales with a Local Lead Generation Website and the Local SEO strategy.

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